Unacademy Raises Funds From Tiger Global, And Dragoneer At A $2B Valuation

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In a world powered by digital technology, education is the best for everyone. Online education in this modern universe has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. As per the students, the Unacademy education institutions and the online course classes are available for the adults to boost their minds and make them learn more courses. The students can hire the best institutions to gain a lot of knowledge and subject knowledge in different courses they like to study.

Classroom learning is one of the best ways for students to discover many new things. There are a lot of students who go unnoticed in this way and eventually fail to explore the world around them. It is because of the lack of attention and opportunity they get in the physical class. When it comes to competitive exams, students in remote places must know the best teachers and updated methods to get through them. They can search for better institutes for effective training and other useful coaching.

Hire The Wonderful Coaching Platfom:

When searching for the best online learning platform, you have to search for it online. There are a lot of centres and institutes that offer high-quality education for students. The unacademy is the leading platfrom among the learners from where they can choose it. It has two added marquee investors to its cap table, and the Bangalore-based startup mainly focuses on K-12 online education. It has raised new funds from global tiger management and dragoneer investment group. Unacademy has yet to disclose the valued of four-half of the old startup at $ 2 billion, up from about $500 million in February this year. Facebook joined its list of backers, and Softbank led the round.

How Unacademy Helps Students To Prepare For Exams?

The unacademy is a wonderful place where students can get a quality education from great scholars with more knowledge. It also helps the students to prepare for their competitive exams to get into the popular colleges for their study. It is also useful for candidates who are ready to pursue graduate-level courses. Using this app, the students can watch the live classes from educators and later engage in sessions to review topics in more detail. The startup has held several online interviews of high-profile individuals such as Indian politicians such as Shashi Tharoor. This person is on a range of topics that have expanded its appeal beyond its student base.

Have A Good Life By Choosing Online Education:

This unacademy platfom has amazed more educators, who teach students in fourteen languages in 5000 cities in India. They also conducted more live classes on this platform each month that will be useful for the students. You can get the best opportunity to improve your lives through online education, which is a lot because of its sheet accessibility. The unacademy team has a rapid to build a leading platform that is to take the best education to the farthest corners of India. The student’s score must be reported for the growth of the institutions, and everyone has to choose this wonderful unacademy platform where the funders fund in it for the betterment of the student’s life.

The Main Mission Of This Firm:

The main mission of this tiger global investor’s agency is to democratize education and make it affordable and accessible. The experts in the firm have consistently built the most iconic products which can deliver high-quality education to everyone. You are always welcome to tiger global and dragoneer as our partners in the journey. They are both marquee global investors with a history of parenting with interesting and innovative companies. These companies’ impact people’s lives, and the students can gain more knowledge and good marks in competitive exams.

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