Given here are the two best ways to play unblocked games at school

best ways to play unblocked games at school


If you are wondering how to play unblocked games at school, we assume you are stuck in an institution that restricts gaming servers. Perhaps, most educational hubs do that as a means of regulating campus discipline. As such, it is nowhere possible for students to access their favorite games. Nonetheless, there exist multiple ways of getting through blocked gaming servers

How do I play unblocked games at school? 

Schools are already known for keeping popular games like Pacman 30th anniversary. And as the number of schools prohibiting games is increasing day after day, students are discovering ways to bypass them. Well, two common ways amongst many, include the usage of a VPN and playing games available on Unblocked sites. 

VPN, an acronym for Virtual private network helps mask any individual’s IP address. Using the same will make you anonymous on the internet. Meanwhile, unblocked websites refer to platforms catering to thousands of games under one window. Games available on it are entirely free of restrictions, given the fact that it is an HTML version. So even if your school has banned gaming servers, you’ll still be able to play them on such platforms. 

Here’s how to play unblocked games at school through a VPN 

  • Start by installing a VPN. Then, turn it on. 
  • Set a location somewhere far from where you are presently located. 
  • Next, reach out to the game software. 
  • You’ll see that turning the VPN on will lift any possible blockage. So, gamers can play it like usual, pretending there aren’t any restrictions in the first place. 

Here’s how to play unblocked games at school through unblocked premium sites 

  • There are innumerable Unblocked Games Premium sites, hosting a series of games for free. Do a thorough research, and pick one that best suits you. 
  • Then, reach out to the official website of it. 
  • The homepage will likely feature popular games. 
  • Select one or find any using the search tool. 
  • Read the instructions and start playing. 

Note: Unblock sites do not require gamers to have a VPN. But it is still recommended to get one for utmost safety.  

Is using a VPN and unblocked game sites safe? 

Yes, both using a VPN and unblocking sites are safe. When it comes to VPN, we recommend you go forth with a reliable one. There exist both paid and free services, and premium ones do offer better perks. Yet, some free options are also credible and to find them, you only need to do an analysis. 

And for unblocked sites, most of them resemble each other and are usually ad-free. Meaning, virus and buy entry is somewhat limited. Overall, they are superb in terms of user safety. 


Now that you are at the end of this article, it must be clear how to play unblocked games at school. However, restrictions are for the good of students only. So, one must understand that schools have a valid reason to block gaming sites and abiding by them would be the best.

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