Kiran Pichai: Son Of Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai, Know all About His Bio, Age, Career, Net worth & More


Despite the fact that you may not know the name of Kiran Pichai, you are surely familiar with the name of the CEO of Google, and Indians respect Alphabet for making it a proud moment for them.

A business professional of Indian descent, Pichai Sundararajan, better known as Sundar , the CEO of Google is Kiran Pichai’s father. 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai claims that his son understands Ethereum better than traditional currency and is mining for it as he becomes accustomed to life in America.

Ages & physical status of Kiran Pichai

It was in 2007 that Kiran was born and gave his father, Sundar Pichai, and mother, Anjali Pichai, the experience of becoming his parents. Now that their son is 15 years old, both of them have proved that they are good parents. Kiran is still in his teenage years, and evaluating his height and weight is quite a challenge.

According to the sources, he stands one hundred and fifty centimeters tall and weighs fifty kilograms (approximately), and this could be verified as accurate or incorrect depending on his health. He has black hair, and black eyes, and wears spectacles.

Early Life and Education of Kiran

A beautiful place in America called Mountain View is where Kiran Pichai was born and his Sibling Kavya Pichai. As he grew up, he began learning various things from his dad and attended a terra firma college in America and is now a high school student. His family loved him so much, and he began learning from him as he grew up.

Career Plans  Of Kiran Pichai

Despite being known because of his father, Kiran has no plans for the future. Despite being a very bright student like his father, he has not yet decided what field he wants to study because it’s difficult to make a decision.

Does Kiran Pichai Have a Girlfriend?

Like his father, Kiran Pichai is very focused. He has many friends, but no girlfriend yet.

The Net Worth of Kiran

In contrast to many celebrity children who earn money at a young age, Kiran is not always concerned with jobs related to television, movies, or business. The father of this man is talented, and he earns enough to live a better life, even though he is not earning.

Social Media Appearance of Kiran Pichai

In the meantime, Kiran does not use any social media platforms, although his father does. However, you will no longer be able to locate any of his pictures or a group of pictures due to the fact that his parents do not want him to be a spotlight item.


Is Kiran Pichai the only child of Sundar and Anjali Pichai?

No. Kiran is not raised alone by the Pichai family. He has a sister who is younger than him. Her name is Kavya Pichai and she is 12 years old. 

How strong is the bond between Kiran and his family?

The bond between Kiran and his family is absolutely perfect. He is well-loved by his father, Sundar Pichai as well as mother, Anjali Pichai. In fact, they possess big expectations for him. 

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