Get Certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician: A Guide to Online Training Courses


A lot of Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) choose to become certified through online training courses. Although BAT certifications vary by state, most require specialized knowledge and skills in order to accurately measure and test the BAC levels of individuals suspected of driving under the influence. By taking an online breathalyzer certification course, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become a certified BAT.

The quality of instruction and curriculum is the most important thing to consider when signing up for a BAT certification course. Make sure you are taking a comprehensive, high-quality program that covers all the necessary information related to operating modern breathalyzers and measuring BAC levels accurately. This will ensure you have the skills and knowledge to pass the certification exam and become a licensed BAT.

Advantages of Becoming Certified as a BAT

Becoming certified as a BAT comes with many advantages. Certified BATs are in high demand, particularly in states that seriously prosecute driving under the influence (DUI) offenses. In addition to having a higher earning potential, working as a BAT also provides financial stability and job security.

Furthermore, some employers, such as law enforcement agencies and private companies – may be more likely to hire a certified BAT over an uncertified one. Finally, being an accredited BAT is highly rewarding. It offers the opportunity to make a real difference in your community by helping to stop people from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Online Training Courses for Becoming a BAT

Once you have decided to become certified as a BAT, it is important to find an online training course that fits your needs and budget. There are several reputable companies offering high-quality courses for becoming a BAT, so make sure you do some research before signing up. Here are the advantages of online training for becoming a BAT:

Flexible Scheduling: Online training offers the opportunity to learn at your own pace and schedule, making it ideal for working professionals who cannot find enough time in their day to commit to traditional classroom learning.

Lower Cost: Generally speaking, online training courses tend to be more affordable than traditional courses. This allows aspiring BATs to get certified without breaking the bank. You can also compare prices and find the best deal when you go online.

Comprehensive Training: Online training offers students comprehensive instruction that covers all the material needed to become a certified BAT. Students will learn how to accurately measure BAC levels using a breathalyzer, as well as the laws and regulations related to operating modern breath testing devices.

Accessible: As long as you have access to an internet connection and a computer, you can take online courses from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to fit your training into your existing lifestyle and commitments.

Support: The best online training courses offer support and guidance throughout the program, so you are never left feeling alone or uncertain. This means that you can always reach out to a customer service representative if you have any questions about your coursework.

Assessing the Quality of an Online BAT Course

When signing up for an online BAT course, it is important to assess the quality of instruction and curriculum before enrolling. This includes looking for accredited courses that offer comprehensive training, as well as reading customer reviews and testimonials from other students who have taken the same course.

Acknowledgment by Professional Bodies: It is important to look for courses that have been recognized and accredited by professional bodies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), American Association of Professional Breath Analyzer Technicians (AAPBAT), or the International Association of Certified Breathalyzers (IACB). These organizations provide independent oversight and ensure that online BAT courses meet the highest standards.

Student Reviews and Feedback: Reading student reviews and feedback can give you a better idea of the quality of instruction, as well as any areas where the course may be lacking. It would be best to look for courses with positive ratings from former students, as this is usually an indication that they were satisfied with the program.

Cost and Payment Options: Make sure to check the cost of the program and the payment options available before enrolling. Some courses offer flexible payment plans that allow you to spread out the costs over several months, making it easier to manage your budget.

Support Services: Before enrolling in an online course, take some time to look at the type of support services offered by the provider. Support services are important as they provide you with access to expert instructors who can answer any questions or concerns that arise during your training program. You can assure that you are getting the most comprehensive instruction when you have access to reliable support services.

Course Completion Requirements and Credentials: It is also important to check the course completion requirements and credentials offered by the provider. Make sure that you understand what is expected of you in order to complete the program, as well as the type of certification or license that will be awarded upon successful completion.

Licensing and Certification: Check to make sure the course you are considering is approved by the appropriate licensing and certification authorities. This is important as it ensures that your training will be recognized and accepted in your state or jurisdiction. You can’t practice as a BAT without the appropriate license or certification.

In Conclusion 

Becoming a certified BAT requires comprehensive training and ongoing education in order to stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations. Online courses provide an affordable, accessible, and convenient way for students to access this type of educational material. It’s important to assess the quality of online course providers by considering their credentials, student reviews, and customer support options before enrolling in a program.

Once you’ve completed the training program, you will be well-prepared to take the certification exams and acquire your BAT license. With proper education, dedication, and hard work, you can become an expert breathalyzer technician in no time.

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