A Perfect Guide About Blooket Game-Based Learning Platform


Nowadays, there are a lot of teaching methods applicable to the students, and they can use them. The teachers and the students both can make use of these platforms that are provided for them. Among many teaching tutorials for teachers, Blooket Join is one of the leading game-based learning platforms.

It offers immersive gameplay and many teacher tweaks for the kids, making them enjoy reading more happily. Blooket uses a quiz-style digital game and character-based gaming to teach the students. 

What is a Blooket, and How it Works?

Blooket is a wonderful platform built in a gamified way that combines quiz-style questions and answers with fun skill games that students have to play to answer the questions. Blooket is web-based and can be accessed from nearly any device, which is ideal for students in the class or at home. Teachers can also lead the quiz, or it can be left for the individuals to access as per their needs. 

Here, everything is point-based with rewards and character progression, which make it a high-end, polished game that students can play on their smartphones. Blooket is a simple game to sign up for, allowing teachers to get a free account right away with just their email address. Games can be created immediately from pre-built questions or using custom builds. Teachers can assign a code for the game to students so they can join as quickly as they want. 

Steps to use a Blooket as a Teacher:

If you are a teacher and like to use the blanket, then you have to understand the steps that are provided below for you:

  • Visit the official site of Blooket from any web browser you use, Now you can create a new account by clicking on the signup option or log in to Blooket with your account details if you have an existing account on Blooket, You are logged in; you will see a blanket dashboard with two options: create a set or discover sets.
  • If you start with the blanket for the first time, then you would suggest you click on Discover sets, click any set you like from the list, or use the search option to find a set in your favorite topic
  • If you like to play a specific game alone, then click on the solo to get started and then start playing the game.
  • If you like to play the games with your friends in your class, then click on Host options, and you will be taken to a new page where you have to select the game mode and set the timer for the game.
  • At last, you can click on the host, and you will get a unique game ID to play the game you have created.
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